How I Came Into Tech

As a kid I would spend hours of each day building things with Legos.

Once I grew old enough to earn some money I would go buy the cheapest watches that I could find and take them apart to find out how they worked. This basically began my path of creating things and trying to think like an engineer. So of course once college started I for sure thought that I would love Mechanical Engineering. A year and a half later I found out that it definitely wasn't the case.

After plenty of searching and career counseling I decided to give Web Development a shot and I was immediately hooked.

Since then I've dived deep into it, trying to learn everything about it that I could. Now I feel like I'm in my second childhood creating beautifully functional web applications with a limitless amount of "Legos".


I've been in Web Development since early 2015. Back then I was just starting to realize all the things I could do using JavaScript. Since then I've been on a journey of constant learning & growth. I've built many things since then & have overcome many obstacles in my path. Being up-to-date on the latest technologies has been a big part of my success. I enjoy learning & spreading that knowledge as I apply & learn on my own.

How I Spend My Free Time

Building things is what I love to do and when I have the time I try to build something to scratch my own itch. If I'm not working on making a new SAAS product then I'm probably watching Netflix with my wife or playing with my dog. My life isn't too busy but if I had more time I'd being doing something active. Play golf, basketball, or road biking is what comes to mind first so lets start there.