Profit off your own data.

BitBounti is an app that leverages the power of IOTA and the tangle to allow users to gather and sell data securely and accurately. Rather than allowing large corporations to sell and profit from people's data, BitBounti is allowing people to profit off their own data.It just makes sense. In its current (hackathon) form, BitBounti is connected to the testnet and only showing off short, premade surveys. These surveys utilize flash channels by initializing a channel, transferring IOTA from a company (test account) to a user for each question answered, and distributing funds when the survey is ended. IOTA is transferred to an internal wallet that users can then transfer (not yet implemented) to their personal wallets.





Tools Used

  • React Native
  • Expo
  • Firebase
  • Tangle (blockchain)
  • Flash Channels
  • IOTA